“Ably assisted by Bobby Madden” – Celtic podcaster hits the nail on the head with refereeing comments

This has been a subject that has been a bone of contention for Celtic fans for as long as I have supported the club.

The inference that referee’s are more biased towards the blue half of Glasgow will be debated for eternity I am sure, but they certainly have not helped their cause, especially since the very first fixture of the season.

Celtic were disallowed a perfectly legitimate goal against Hearts for offside on the first day of the season in a match they eventually went on to lose. And *Rangers, they had a clear offside goal allowed against Motherwell which eventually turned out to have won them a point.

Motherwell were also denied a clear penalty that day and for the interests of balance, so where the home side.

In yesterdays games, at Ibrox, *Rangers were huffing and puffing until another red card in a game involving them was issued which changed the flow of the game at the point where Hibs were 1-0 up and cruising. The Ibrox club eventually went on to become 2-1 winners and retain top spot in the league.

The boys at The Celtic Exchange Podcast were discussing Bobby Madden’s refereeing performance at Pittodrie and James highlighted an excellent point regarding the men in black refereeing Celtic games, “What I would say at that point when Aberdeen did start to come at us, they were ably assisted by Bobby Madden breaking up any kind of flow we had with really, really cheap fouls all over the pitch.

Exemplified in the stats for Celtic to give away twenty seven fouls to Aberdeen’s ten, which is just ridiculous.

Any kind of contact, they were going down.

And any kind of contact we had from Aberdeen was not a foul.

So this is coming up again. You’ll need to be exceptional to overcome referee’s as that’s going to impact you at some point.”

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2 thoughts on ““Ably assisted by Bobby Madden” – Celtic podcaster hits the nail on the head with refereeing comments”

  1. The stats are shocking. 37 fouls, throw ins ,corner kicks injuries etc. We will be lucky if we are playing more than 40 mins of football.

  2. It’s time the Celtic Board started challenging this, I saying that we have no one with enough backbone to do it, where is John Reid when you need him

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