Aberdeen news twitter account highlights pro Sevco refereeing. Who’s paranoid now?

After yesterday’s red card for Aberdeen’s Funso Ojo in yesteday’s 1-0 defeat to Dundee United, the Scottish footballing world could not believe what they witnessed from referee Bobby Madden.

Madden produced a second yellow for dissent to Ojo after the Aberdeen forward was confronted and pretty much assaulted by a Dundee United fan.

After Ojo, quite rightly, took issue at being manhandled he had to be dragged away by his team mates and as he was being comforted by former Celt, Charlie Mulgrew, referee Madden, hit Ojo with a yellow for his part in a scuffle when he was clearly the victim.

Absolutely stunning from Madden. Many argue that Madden got it right as it is within the rules that if a player responds or confronts a fan, then a booking should be applied.

So why then was there no card shown for this?

And before anyone has a go, I don’t believe for a second that Tavernier should have received a card for this perfectly normal reaction. Anyone in his, or Ojo’s shows, would have reacted the same way, but what this does show is the serious lack of consistency when the referee’s decide to apply the rulebook to the team from Govan.

Who’s paranoid now?

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