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“A sure sign of weakness”, “That’s it Mick, grovel”, “You think Ange would sit and explain himself?” – Celtic fans react as Beale’s fails his first press conference test

Michael Beale is already starting to learn the hard way as manager of Rangers. Everything that you say is taken quite literally.

Beale’s ‘other team’ comment didn’t bother me one iota. Couldn’t care less.

What he says about us is of little importance to me. As Ange himself would say, I’m more concerned at what I’m having for my dinner.

But the media did. And let’s not forget, it was the media that started this whole ‘disrespect’ nonsense as I’m sure most Celtic laughed laughed at his attempt to appeal to the Govan masses with the comment.

But Beale came out to defend himself yesterday. Well, I say defend, but what he actually did was try to explain himself and he came across as a bit of a weak fool.

Have a listen:

Because let’s be honest, he really did nothing wrong. And instead of telling the media where to go, like Ange would have, he placated them.

And that’s his second mistake.

If Beale is going to capitulate every time he comes under the media spotlight, this season is going to be a very entertaining one for us and a short one for him.

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