“A financial basket case”, “That a months expenses covered?” – Sevco release 5m more shares

Is there a financial meltdown coming that we are not aware of? Ok, maybe meltdown is a bit extreme, but I think not.

As *Rangers completed their first proper transfer in their 10 year history, the Ibrox fans are all cock a hoop about the ‘X’ amount of millions they have raked in from Everton.

The irony is, no one knows how much money they have received but the general consensus is it’s a good deal for all parties. And, by all accounts, it may well be.

But if that’s the case, then why the need for yet another share issue? And why sell them at TWENTY FIVE TIMES their worth?

It’s mental. And you know what’s even more mental than that? Their own fans are not calling this out.

Finance expert Kieran Maguire from The Price of Football tweeted today that the Govan club have released another share issue:

And popular Celtic account David Low also called into question the share issue and called the club a “financial basket case”.

But as usual, it’s the nothing to see here approach from the blue side of Glasgow. It’s no wonder their original club died:

You have to wonder, at what point DO their fans aske questions? Or are they too afraid to in case they get the answer they don’t want to hear?

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