“£8/9m” – Four Lads had a Dream are still dreaming as Sevco calculator values another player

Yeah, it’s definitely silly season. Christmas is over but the Lambrini still seems to be flowing down Ibrox way as they still come to terms with the sale of one of their academy boys that, who if they had kept, would probably have sold for millions more a few years down the line.

But as it is, money is tight in Govan and the sale was borne through necessity as the board try to recoup some of the £100m losses they have incurred since 2012.

But it looks like it won’t take long for the club to start breaking even, well, that’s only if you listen to their fans valuations of their players.

We all know Patterson to Everton is a good deal. As Everton called the fee ‘undisclosed’, the Scottish media wheeled it out as a £12m deal up front. Whether that is true or not we will never know.

But what this has done is make their fans all giddy and now they have started the valuation game with the rest of their squad.

Up next? Borna Barisic. And the Four Lads had a Dream twitter account was clearly still dreaming when they came up with this valuation:

He’s 29 years old. By the time the summer comes around he will closer to 30. If they believe that any club is willing to spend that kind of money on a player of that age currently playing in Scotland they are having a laugh.

The last player to leave for £9m was Aiden McGeady. And he was 23 years old.

And for context, Jean Alain Boumsong who left Oldco for £8m was 25.

These guys are stretching here. And we all know why.

One thought on ““£8/9m” – Four Lads had a Dream are still dreaming as Sevco calculator values another player”

  1. Pure comedy gold by this lot. Excellent entertainment until the league kicks off again on the 17th. They still need to get rid of a couple to bring the wage bill down, as the £5m up front will only appease a director or two, but nothing for GvB. Celtic fans can kick back now and watch Ange doing his magic, while the Scottish medja do their upmost to punt Morelos for £20m on their 8th attempt😂🍀🤗🍀

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