“£25-£30m” – Brilliant Sevconomics as fan makes incredible player claim

Best player this season so far?

I’ll give you thirty second’s to make your selection.

Now clearly being a Celtic site, the majority of people are going to name Celtic players, that’s the nature of this game.

But even if you were to take the green tinted blinkers off for a second, if you were to name a Rangers player, right now, as the best in the country, who would it be?

McGregor? Barasic? Freddo? Aribo?

To be fair, Aribo has been decent, but the BEST player in the country by a mile? C’mon.

I only need to look at my own team, hell, I only need to look over at Motherwell and I can name Tony Watt as a player in better form than Aribo.

Lets look at the stats. Aribo has played 29, scored 5 and assisted 4.

For an attacking midfielder that’s pretty average.

Celtic’s Ralston. Played 28. Scored 5. Assisted 4. For a defender, that’s an outstanding contribution.

Let’s see. Jota. Played 18. Scored 8. Assisted 6. *silence*

What about Abada? Played 28. Scored 7. Assisted 8. And this is a guy that is on poor form?

And I haven’t even touched on James Forrest who has been out injured most of the season and he is only 2 goals and 1 assist worse off than Aribo.

Sometimes it’s best just to say nothing than spout absolute nonsense.

At least for this guy anyway:

And yes. He was serious!

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