“£20m. Nothing less” – Hilarious Sevconomics as fans tout player for January move

It’s the silly season again.

No I’m not talking about Christmas. The transfer window is upon us and it’s a time for fans to reflect on who their team will buy to strengthen the team for the title run in.

Well, that’s what normal fans do. *Rangers fans? They have this weird fascination of who they can sell and for how much.

It’s a weird fascination but we all know why. It’s because, deep down, they know their club is in serious trouble and they need the security blanket of knowing they have at least one, just one, player that they could hoik to save their club.

Normally it’s wee Alfie that get’s it but with the Colombians contract rolling down quicker than he can roll off a couch, it’s the turn of Joe Aribo.

Now don’t get me wrong. Aribo is a good player, but let’s face it. He’s no Tom Rogic.

But as their fans look forward to the sale of their players, they started a conversation about how much Aribo should be allowed to leave for.

And some of the prices!! The conversation started of in a reasonable fashion………then the mulled wine kicked in:

Thought they didn’t have any debt????

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