£20m For An Imposter? Take It And Move On

I don’t care what anyone says, Odsonne Edouard is a footballing imposter posing as a Celtic striker.

Tonight’s display was simply unacceptable.

From the striker.

If Celtic manage to steal £20m from Brighton for Edouard after not only tonight’s display but also after the pre season and first leg display then that would be magnificent business from the Parkhead club.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not solely blaming Edouard for Celtic’s exit from the Champions League but the big Frenchman has clearly not been interested for a long time at Paradise and these last two Champions League qualification games has been proof of that.

Why did Ange play him then? Easy answer? He had no choice.

With Griffiths’ “calf injury” and Ajeti clearly not in the managers plans, Edouard had to play. More in hope than in expectation did anyone expect him to give a performance tonight.

Edouard clearly has his head in a move to the EPL minnows of Brighton and the quicker Celtic get him out the door the better.

Edouard isn’t Celtic’s only issue here. Christie, although into his last 6 months of his contract is at least trying. But many would argue that is because no one is actually interested in a player that cannot get a shot on target and was patched from Scotland’s Euro 2020 starting line up after a dismal 20 mins against the Czech Republic in the opening fixture.

He now needs Celtic more than we need him and it shows in his displays.

Ange is hamstrung and has been so by the Celtic board who have overseen such corporate mismanagement every single one of them should be huckled out of Celtic Park by their oxsters. Including the absentee landlord Dermot Desmond.

Every single year Celtic fans need to endure this amatuerish nonsense from the board and every year the supporters take it.

When is enough enough? Now? Saturday? Next week?

The board need to take a long hard look at themselves. So does Edouard and others in the team that have let down the fans.

3 thoughts on “£20m For An Imposter? Take It And Move On”

  1. Now that the season books are all sold the board can do what they want, they are a disgrace

  2. On last night and games so far we’ll be lucky to get a couple of million for Eddie and Christie, the manager must take the blame for playing him, he could have played for rest or one of our youngsters who would have at least tried 100%.A top class manager changes his system /formation to suit the players available to him till he can recruit others.

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