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“You think SG was getting back handers?” – Sevco fans scattergun comes out with brilliant Gerrard consipracy theory

What are they like eh?

The Rangers fans are now starting to lay into the club for the price fixing scandal and what is has done is open the floodgates for all kinds of wild conspiracy theories as to what is going on at that basket case of a club.

As the club feel the force of the £225,000 fine, the fans are unhappy that they have been fleeced by their board and it has led to this excellent thread of back hander accusations and Gerrard conspiracies.

It really is a brilliant insight into the minds of these people.

Have a look:

The Gerrard/Castore/Aston Villa one is the best.

Do these idiots really believe that an American owned club who’s top man is a billionaire really allowed one of the biggest deals a football club can make be hijacked because their manager has links to a kit manufacturer?

That is one wild theory there that right out of the “How to shake hands with a mason” handbook.

There is something really wrong with that support and I suspect that as their financial results loom, it is only going to get better for us.

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