“Fair play”, Guy can’t win” – James McLean’s moment for the Queen causes mixed meltdowns

We all know James McLean is an out an out republican. We all know his stance when it comes to wearing a poppy on Armistice Day and all the rest of the pomp and b*llsh*t that comes when living within the British establishment.

This week we have had to put up with some unbearable p*sh regarding the death of the Queen.

Those that do not wish to join in on the remembrance for what many regard as a family that represents all that is wrong with the class system in the UK are weirdly lambasted for exercising the free speech that this country claims it is built on.

Anyway, I digress.

But that is central to my point. A photo appeared last night on social media of McLean paying his respects to the monarch and it caused a series of mixed reactions:

Comments on the photo ranged from congratulating him for showing respect to others claiming that he was out of order for not joining in his team mates show of solidarity.

And others also said what he did was a brilliant show of defiance. You can read what people said here.

All I would say it that McLean has his beliefs. He acted the best way he knew how. This picture tells me that although he remains respectful, he is not joining in the faux united grief we are all being told to participate in.

And for me, that is a great mark of the man as he is regularly abused from the side-lines for his views on the British establishment.

But no matter how he reacted I agree with one thing that was said, he can never win regardless of what he does.

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