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Radio host makes nonsensical Celtic fan claim

See this type of rubbish, you can take it and shove it.

All week the Celtic fans had been looking forward to game against Real Madrid.

All week the chat was about us facing up to the battle and challenges and taking on the likes of Modrich, Kroos and Benzema.

And all week I have never heard of single person talk about the difference in size of both teams budgets.

Not once.

I, for one, wanted to see us compete with the best. Be up there and at least show what we can do about against the European Champions.

Couldn’t care less how much Real’s squad cost or what they’re players are on per week.

It was all about the football.

So why then, did this radio presenter make up this claim after we lost 3-0:

Now I may have missed it. I may have just skipped by the tweets from the fans that said this but as you all know, I trawl twitter to bring you content to this blog (mainly to rip the zombies a new one) and I have never seen one Celtic fan make this claim.

But then, why let the facts get in the way of a blatant lie?

Some people will do anything to keep themselves relevant.

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