Alex McLeishs mind boggling comments on Celtic are just bizarre

Celtic Park

He’s on the list. Well, my list at least.

As one of those people who should never talk about Celtic unless you know exactly what you are on about.

Just like Barry Ferguson last night, Alex McLeish was weirdly asked about Stephen Welsh’s goal at the weekend and the answer he gave was very strange.

Speaking to Football Insider McLeish said, “I didn’t see the goal but as soon as I heard Welsh scored I said it must have been a corner or a set piece.

“The more you play at that level and make one or two mistakes, you eradicate them from your game and you become better.

“It was a surprise for me to see Stephen Welsh playing given the Celtic defence. But he seems like a kid on the up.“

Didn’t see the goal. As soon as those words came out his mouth the reporter should have just canned the interview there.

But even the direction of the answer was bizarre. How can you go from not seeing the goal to then talk about one or two mistakes needing eradicated from your game?

Did Welsh make any mistakes on Sunday? How the f*** would McLeish know? He never even saw it.

And where was the surprise at seeing Welsh start come from?

Starfelt is still injured. Jullien is nowhere near the first team so the sensible thing to do would be to start your only other centre half is it not?

McLeish, and to be fair, this publication does nothing but embarrass themselves whenever they talk Celtic.

They should just concentrate on the team from the other side of the city because neither of them have a clue about our club.

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