Alex McLeish uses Celtic’s latest signing to push same club lie

Celtic Park

Never misses an opportunity does he?

Alex McLeish, the man at the helm when the EBT scandal hit Rangers, he himself admitted that if the Oldco didn’t pay money they couldn’t afford they would have been left behind by Celtic.

Some justification that isn’t it? Anyway, the reckless spending ended up killing the club and a new club was formed.

And with the death of Rangers, also came the death of the ‘Old Firm’ tag.

But after Celtic signed Benji Siegrist, McLeish was asked about the signing by Football Insider when he said this, “It’s an incredible move for the guy, to go to one of the Old Firm teams.

“There is a different type of pressure now. I know Joe Hart is number one now and he had a magnificent season.

“That’s what Siegrist has to follow. Watching him with United, in many of the games last season, he certainly looked like a very capable goalkeeper.

“Clawing at things sometimes when you think he was beaten. I’ve been very impressed by him.”

Why not just says it’s a brilliant signing for Celtic? Why even bring ‘them’ into it?

Why? To peddle the same club p*sh like he does at every opportunity. That’s why.

This signing had nothing to with that club. It had nothing to do with the ‘Old Firm’ but I suppose if you were partly responsible for that part of the Old F*rm dying, you would do anything to ease your conscience.

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  • He can only sign for one of the old firm teams rright enough Eck….seeing as how one of them is DEAD YA DUMB JAIKEY BAS!

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