Celtic face competition for defenders signature

Celtic Park

Sometimes you just have to wonder how much truth is actually in these transfer rumours that are continually linked to Celtic.

From Jota is signing next week (which was reported three effing weeks ago) to Abu Fani to Alexandro Bernabei, no one really knows what’s going on until the player is in Celtic Park with the scarf aloft their heads.

Take this report from Glasgow World (exactly, who?) that claims Celtic are in the mix for Liverpool’s Ben Davies.

The same Ben Davies that ‘forgot’ to sign a contract when Lenny tried to buy him until he was then lured to Liverpool in a move that set back his career at least two seasons.

Now Liverpool want £4m for a player they signed for £1m and Celtic should tell them to get stuffed.

But then, are we really in for him at all?

To me it’s just another lazy story drummed up to get Davies a move down south and what bigger name than Celtic to get Davies name trending out there?

It seems we are now faced with ‘competition’ from Middlesbrough (yeah, another lazy link) so I say let them have him.

Davies chased the money last season to warm Liverpools bench, let him chase the money again and play in Englands second tier to chase a dream whilst we play Champions League football.

Anyways, look how it worked out for us the last time a player chose money over medals last season……..

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