Roger Hannah makes bizarre transfer financial prediction if Jota signs

On their way to Paradise

This was a strange statement to make and in some ways, I genuinely wonder why Roger Hannah on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard said it.

Speaking about Celtic’s recent transfer business, Hannah seemed to intimate that if Celtic land the winger, the rest of our transfer business could suffer due to the financial layout of the deal, “So much of the work to be done, transfer wise, by Celtic revolves around whether or not they get Jota.

If Jota signs then don’t need another wide player.

If Jota signs it will be a real boost for the supporters and also if Jota signs, they’ll have to pay a pretty penny to get him.

£6.5m to Benfica to get him. I think that will cut back on the scope to get a lot of signings.

But you need to remember the work not just in January, but last summer Ange Postecoglou did.

This isn’t a summer where Celtic have got six or seven or eight players out of contract or a year to go and ready to move on.

They’ve got a reasonably settled side/squad. Two or three little bits of business, you know, a backup left back which could be Bernabei.

A backup goalkeeper which is Siegrist. Getting the Carter Vickers deal done. Making sure that the Maeda deal went through.


The Jota deal will not hamper any more transfer business the club will do. With Champions League money still there to be spent on top of the money reaped in from last seasons sales, if Ange wants to add another player to the team, you better believe he will get the funds to do it.

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  • I heard Hannah last night and it just reminded me why I stopped listening to snide 1
    What about his sevco script he came out with ,saying
    Theres no need for sevco to rush to buy anyone as they have already signed the guys they wanted on extensions.
    Guy is a sevco lap dog

  • You would think a football journalist would know that transfer fees can be paid in instalments,so it might not be paid all in one go.Pish talk

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