“All Rangers need to do is sign Boaby the Barman” – Hilarious Still Game roasting as Sevco sign McGregor

Celtic Park

The Record Hotline is like the reject list from Clyde 1 Superscoreboard.

And I don’t mean that to be disrespectful.

What I mean is that at least on this medium, the callers aren’t faded out and, rather surprisingly, the Daily Record actually print negative Rangers comments.

Well, the comments were on full flow in todays edition as the callers commented on *Rangers re-signing of 40 year old Allan McGregor.

Clearly, these comments are from Celtic fans as they roasted the club for taking the veteran goalie back on a new contract, especially with the references to McGregor walking away in 2012:

“All Rangers need to sign now is Boaby the barman as they have already snapped up the rest of Still Game.”

“Robert (a previous caller) hails McGregor for knocking back a payday to remain at Rangers proclaiming his loyalty. Is Robert only nine years old or has 2012 suddenly disappeared from his mind?”

“Is Mr Livingstone having a laugh applying words such as loyalty and ‘his beloved Rangers’ in the same sentence as McGregor? Think back to when the brown stuff hit the fan 10 years ago. McGregor would have beaten Usain Bolt in a sprint for the door.”

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