A Bola’s ‘coming days’ update is good news for Celtic fans

Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

Jota, Jota, Jota.

We all expect him to sign but we just don’t know when.

After what seems like an endless holiday, the Portuguese star looks set to put his hand to pen and sign a permanent contract with Celtic.

Portuguese media outlet, A Bola, posted an update and it seems that the signing may not be as far away as we think:

“Celtic are expected to exercise jota’s buy-to-be clause in the coming days (€7.5 million for 70 per cent of the pass) after having already settled the terms of the 23-year-old winger’s contract.”

Jota was in the spotlight at Celtic, where he contributed 13 goals and 14 assists, was a key player in winning the league and part of the Scottish League team of the year.

The weekend.

It’s got to be hasn’t it?

Because I simply don’t think I could take another week of speculation or, heaven forbid Jota saying no!

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