The Daily Records latest hilarious pro Sevco Alfie piece is desperate stuff

Celtic Park

Darlin’ you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?
If you say that you are mine
I’ll be here ’til the end of time
So you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

Did The Clash have magical soothsaying abilities that they wrote this song with the Buffalo in mind?

Never has a song been so apt for one man than this. Alfredo Morelos enters the last year of his contract the clamour to either try and sell him for £20m by the Scottish media or get him to stay is depressingly familiar.

And desperate.

After ‘news’ broke last week that Seville were ‘poised’ for a £20m move (yeah, I know) it’s now the turn of ex player soundbites pleading with the striker to stay. And why?

Because no one wants him. He’s not a team player and whilst his discipline has improved, there is always that wee niggle at the back of your barnet that given the right prod and poke, Alfie could explode and cost the team on the pitch.

The Daily Record didn’t disappoint today. They wheeled out Marco Negri with his ‘regrets’ about leaving the club too soon.

Only problem is, Alfie has been there for four long years. Negri couldn’t last one.

Negri eventually left Rangers after a falling out with Celtic hero, David Murray, who also stopped his wages whilst still an employee at the club. So quite why he would be begging a guy he doesn’t know to stay at the club is bewildering.

But that’s the media in Scotland. They need to put out these pro Rangers stories to curry favour with the club.

It’s embarrassing for them when you consider the disdain the Ibrox club holds them in.

But it was this little gem from Negri that showed me that this was an Ibrox fluff piece, “I realised how big the club was only after I signed.

“I remember my first game was the Nike Family Day, it was a training match between the squad – but more than 40,000 people showed up. It was incredible.

“I immediately knew it was a top club.

“Now it’s 25 years on and a lot of time has passed.

“I’m so happy the club is back at the top in Scotland and in Europe.”

Someone needs to remind him who won the league last season……..

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  • – taken from an interview with negri to an Italian football magazine I was rapidly disillusioned by Rangers and especially their supporters. As part of my professional duties I was strongly encouraged to attend social functions which meant going to several Rangers supporters clubs. The last one I attended really brought home to me the fact that I had nothing in common with these people. The anti-Catholic feeling was venomous and the songs they sang that evening filled me with disgust. It was at that point I decided not to give my all for a club that condoned such behaviour. I went sick. Walter Smith knew the real reason for my ‘illness’ and he just ignored it. But I wasn’t lying, I was sick, sick of Rangers and sick of what they stood for and that is the truth.

  • Nowhere have I seen in this window that Seville or any other team have offered £20m. €8m yes, but no more. I even saw that Kenny Miller said they would be lucky to get anywhere near 8 figures for the fat Columbian. If indeed there has been mention of £20m, then post a link with the story to back it up, otherwise people will begin to stop taking you seriously and looking like the Sunday Sport of Celtic news.

    Look forward to being corrected.


  • Tommy McQuillan

    I saw an article on the Mirror’s Website quoting £30 million for a player in the last year of his contract, complete delusion on their part.

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