“Terrible decision”, “Questions need asked this is a shocking decision” – Follow Follow meltdown as they turn on another club legend

Ibrox Stadium

The fans are seriously the worst when it comes to talking about their players and past players.

*Rangers fans, for all their bluster about being ‘loyal’ (which is ironic as every supporters club has that word in their name) don’t have any issue on turning on the club or players when it suits them.

Now I get it, they are frustrated at the club for not spending all of those billions of pounds earned in Europe last season. But as I explained yesterday, there will be no money spent again at Ibrox.

So what do they need to do? Rummage the free transfers bin and re-sign current players.

Players like Alan McGregor.

The goalie seemed to have been forgiven for walking away when the club died back in 2012. He was revered as a hero over the last couple of seasons for his heroics (yeah, I know) in the league and Europe.

So you would think, at least, the fans would be happy that he’s sticking around for another season right? Wrong.

After the club announced the deal, not only did the fans lambast it on Twitter, they took to Follow Follow to show their feelings.

And boy, it wasn’t great!

And finally, it seems to be, eventually, kicking in with some of them. They are skint!

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