“Click bait”, “Very wishy washy” – Bassey bingo as Villa fans lambast transfer article. Sevco fans drop £30m tag

On their way to Paradise

Only a matter of time wasn’t it?

Super Calvin Bassey, the conquering loser of second tier Europe is now being touted for a move to Aston Villa in the summer as Gerrard is apparently ‘closing in’ on the *Rangers defender.

I mean, yeah, he’s had a decent few months but is it really enough enough to persuade Gerrard to splash out £30m (not my figure) on a boy that has had no real significant impact over a full season?

Nah. Me neither.

And the Villa fans were not buying it either as they vented their anger at the article:

And this game of Sevco bingo will continue throughout the season.

Already prices eclipsing Kieran Tierney are already being mooted.

What is it with these fans and comparing everything to Celtic? And they call US obsessed?

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