“Must be Lee Wallace’s burner account” – Sevco fan roasted by Ryanair after meltdown

Celtic Park

This was a tweet of beauty wasn’t it?

Fresh from the realisation that they will not be the greatest football team to have walked the earth after their loss in Europe’s second tier competition, Ryanair cheekily sent out a brilliant tweet ‘celebrating’ that fact.

Celebrating was probably not the right word to use but you know what I mean

If you haven’t heard about it you can read about it here.

This one fan wasn’t particularly happy with the airlines jab at his club when he replied:

‘All the way to the top’ he said.

Superb. A simple Google search will have told him all he needed to know but instead, he took to a viral thread and displayed his stupidity for all to see.

Make good choices people!

And of course, when faced with the reality of his daftness:

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