“Abused for having an opinion you have got to love FF logic”, “Cheated out of the league” – Brilliant delusion as bears debate ‘successful’ season

Celtic Park

After spending months convincing themselves that the league doesn’t matter because it was all about Europe, those delightful and confused fans from Ibrox wouldn’t have celebrated a Scottish Cup win right?

Because that’s just a diddy cup no one wanted.

Not one word was said about winning that cup but since Seville, it seems to have become mote important to them than the league and Europe combined.

Weird that innit?

However, as the dust settles on the greatest side since the class of St Johnstone 20/21, they are now debating on Follow Follow if this season was a successful one.

Remember, it was all about Europe now:

This guy doesn’t get the irony of his comments:

This guy’s not been paying attention to his board:

Know what I find weird? The fact that this lot have a problem with voting No………………..

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