“This is a linesman for the SFA” – Celtic fans lambast pro Sevco tweet

Celtic Park

If there was ever a time where you needed confirmation that there could be inherent bias towards one club from Scottish officials it is now.

Celtic fans have long thought that some referee’s had leanings towards a certain club that plays in blue, and most likely they do, but if they ever want to dispel that myth, tweets like these do them absolutely no favours.

After *Rangers’ hilar…….I mean devastating loss in the Europa League Final on Wednesday, Douglas Ross, who famously got Simunovic sent off in a Glasgow Derby tweeted this:

Normally, not too bothered about something like that. It’s probably his ‘civic’ duty as a unionist MP to congratulate failure but the issue many seem to have is there is no balance from the MSP.

No congratulations tweet to St Johnstone on their cup double win last season? Or what about Celtic in their historic second 9 in a row or Quadruple Treble.

Let’s check:

Don’t be daft. So it’s little wonder fans of other clubs eye our match officials with suspicion:

And because I can, I am having the last word this time:

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  • I have told you all there is no consistency , you would need to soft in the head not to see it . Bye the way
    The old servo that went bums up wore blue . The servo today should not be able to wear blue that was the owned by the old servco.

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