“The best manager I’ve ever worked with” – Stunning praise from Celtic star and amazing behind the scenes insight to the gaffer

Celtic Park

He’s certainly one of the best managers I’ve seen at Celtic that’s for sure.

And I don’t say that lightly.

I’m young enough to remember Martin O’Neill, Gordon Strachan, Neil Lennon and Brendan Rodgers and also old enough to recall Billy McNeill (from the Jungle) and Wim Jansen.

But Ange just has something different about him. Some quality that makes me want to listen to every word he says.

The last time I felt like that was when Martin O’Neill was the manager. Everyone was told in the house to be quiet whenever he was on the telly.

You know what I mean?

And Matt O’Riley certainly seems to share that point of view.

When asked about Postecoglou [BBC Sportsound] and what he thought of him, O’Riley was gushing in his praise,
“Myself, personally, he is obviously the best manager I’ve worked with for sure.

The style, how clear it is, you know, everything’s really, really clear on the pitch, whether it be where you need to be, where you need to pass it etc.

Everything’s really clear. He’s very good to get his point across. And in regards to team meetings, and in the changing room, he always knows what to say.

Whether we’re potentially losing or whether we’re drawing. And he always seems to say the right thing, which I think is quite unique. I think he handles things in a very rational way.

Like a lot of managers get quite emotional. Whereas he’s always really logical in his approach. Never digs out any players, always takes responsibility himself.

So when you’re on the pitch, you have no fear because you know, he’s gonna have your back which I think is really important.”

It is little wonder these players run themselves into the ground for Postecoglou.

I want to and I’m rubbish at football. And running.

Let me know in the comments who you think is the best Celtic manager you have seen.

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