“Fair play”, “You will forever be known as the Covid Champions” – Sevco fans ‘physically f**king sick’ pain lade bare as Celtic crowned champions

Celtic Park, Main Stand entrance

They have been trying to convince themselves since January that the league doesn’t matter.

They’re trying but clearly failing.

I don’t care what anyone says. Watching your rivals pick up any silverware is sickening.

Put it this way, when Celtic got to the final of the UEFA Cup in 2003, I was raging that we lost the league even though we had a European final to look forward to.

And any Rangers fan telling you anything else to the contrary are just lying.

But at least this one fan had the balls to admit what he was feeling. And rightly so.

I have more respect for this guy than the fake Europa League final bams:

It will never catch on though.

Deflection mode is on already as some are claiming it is a fake account.


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