“When I got the call yesterday I was intrugued” – Phil Mac’s interesting Ibrox boardroom unrest claim

Ibrox at Broomloan Road

The Ibrox finances has been a subject that has been done to death over the years.

Their embarrassing accounts are just as embarrassing as their trophy haul but it does seem that their Europa League run may have brought some financial stability.

For now.

£100m in losses in ten years.

That’s frightening. But as Phil Mac points out in his latest blog, all may not be as it seems down Ibrox way.

At a time when they are still counting the Nathan Patterson money (I know), and that the European run is bringing in some serious cash, why then are they looking for new investment?

According to Phil, there are board members looking to get out of Ibrox as they try to entice new outside investors:

Phil Mac Ghiolla Bháin

Phil promises to delve deeper into this issues and I, for one, am looking forward to what he will unearth.

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  • Aye, the thing is though, for the last decade he’s been telling us that things are gonnae go pop over at the bigot dome, take after take and yet nothing ever comes true. Hate to say this, but, he talks sh**e.

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