The Sun’s Maeda story attracts the dregs of the Sevco support

I’m genuinely dumbfounded at the supporters from the Govan side of the city.

They just seem to revel in human misery.

If they are not point scoring about child abuse, they are revelling up to their knees in blood.

They really are a strange lot. Even in a week where they should be happy that they are in a European final, they just can’t lay off the casual racism.

Or should we just call it flat out racism? Yeah. Let’s.

Because there is absolutely nothing casual about it. Racism is racsim.

The Daily Record ran a story about Daizen Maeda and his intent to sign for Celtic permanently and on the Facebook post there is just a gluttony of racism, child abuse and everything else under the sun:

And you can see from the amount of comments, you just know the hordes from Govan would be all over it.

And they didn’t disappoint:

In CAPS, just in case we didn’t get this next knuckledraggers point:

There are genuinely no words.

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