“If they only stuck to anti Catholic jokes all would have been done” – Celtic fans react to alleged awards ceremony player racism claims

So the furore over the walk out in the SFWA Player of the Year award had more to it than first thought.

It is alleged that Bill Copeland told racist and misogynistic jokes at the awards ceremony and the attempt at humour was so bad, respected Sly Sports presenter Eilidh Barbour walked out of the bash with her party at her table.

It is also alleged that a second party walked out also but it’s yet to be confirmed who it was.

But as the day progressed more allegations have arisen as it also has been claimed that Copeland aimed racist jokes towards Celtics Japanese players.

And when pressed at what was said, the twitter user said:

I mean, is this really where we are at? In 2022?

It’s bad enough that Kyogo had to deal with mindless morons spouting that disgraceful, racist line now we seem to have paid professionals making jokes at the expense of the Celtic players?

An absolute disgrace and these Hoops fans were far from happy:

Just in case anyone was wondering, Copeland’s football allegiances are well known. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out.


  • The organisers of this shameful night should be taken to task about what happened but they never will as for Barbour she works with a racist and never seems to bother about that

  • Well thats the BBC SCOTLAND for you scum channel and full of masonic pigs.thank ive never payed for a licence and never will dirty rats the lot at bbc masonic RATS

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