“I now fully understand why Ms Barbour walked out” – Phil Mac on SFWA shambles

Celtic Park

The Scottish Football Writers Association dinner seems like a cesspit of misogyny, racism and dinosaurs.

No longer will I take any lessons on morality off of a press detail that openly hires a comedian that seems to fit in with their set of values.

Harsh? Well why else would they hire such an act and sit laughing as racist jokes were aimed at Celtic players and misogynistic sh*te was piled on when there was a clear mixed room of journalists assembled?

And what I would like to know is when these jokes were being delivered, who found them funny?

When all the journalists in the land where condemning racism earlier in the season after Kyogo Furuhashi was subjected to it from the Sevco fans, why does a hall full of journalists now find Japanese jokes funny?

And the misogyny? Here was me thinking we were in the 21st Century but alas, I am forgetting that this is the same SMSM that conveniently turn a blind eye to anti Catholic hate everyweekend.

Phil Mac shared his thoughts in his latest blog his thoughts on the incident:

Phil didn’t want to elaborate on what was said either but I will leave you with this run down of the after dinner speaker:

Shocked? I am not.


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