“Hate crimes? They sang about wading in Catholics blood” – BBC reporters tweet sent to the cleaners as Derby pain continues

Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

They are in pain. And no amount of posturing or b*llsh*t can cover that.

As the *Rangers fans, and their club, come to terms with the fact that they have lost the league to a makeshift Celtic team set up at the start of the season to a rookie manager (their words, not mine) the party cancellations from the Ibrox fans that were booked when Ange was appointed are piling up quicker than the amount of comforting lies they can tell themselves as to why they lost the league.

And why did they lose the league? Because they are just not good enough and Celtic outclassed them twice in four derbies. Simple.

But after yesterday’s 1-1 draw, Statement FC released their version of events on who they believe is to blame for the crowd trouble at yesterday’s final whistle:

No follow up from McLaughlin on what ‘hate crimes’ are being investigated or how, in that crowd, the elderly and disabled where targeted.

But let’s get back to the hate crimes. I want the police to investigate those. It should be easy as all they need to do is look at the footage of a certain corner of Parkhead and turn up the volume of the TV.


But of course, this deflection tactic should have been expected after their antics at Ibrox and Hampden and it is not difficult to spot a set up when it arrives:

And that last comment just tells you how moronic the support is.

To caveat, if any fan is guilty of racism, I hope the book is thrown at them. And if the accusation is found to be false and racism has not taken place, well, I hope the same happens to the accuser and they are dealt with by the authorities.

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