Sevco fans sectarian singing shame as Scotland embarrassed again

It’s just not in them is it? To go abroad and behave themselves. Conduct themselves with a bit of humility and respect for the country they are visiting.

Of course not.

Instead they decide to infect Europe with their usual sectarian bile as the Rangers fans surrounded the Leipzig team bus up to their knees.

It’s typical wee man mentality and it’s time they took a long hard look at themselves.

No one wants to hear that rubbish in this day and age.

No one cares about the wee ribbon yer da wore back in the 1690’s.

And certainly no one gives two flying f**ks about a razor gang that targeted Catholics.

An occasional disgrace but a constant embarrassment is a label that will follow these idiots around until they drag themselves into the 21st century.

Watch the fans embarrass themselves here.

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