Listen to Chris Suttons brilliant trolling of Celtic hater Charlie Adam on BBC

Celtic Park

We all love Charlie Adam don’t we? Well, ‘love’ is probably strictly not true is it, unless we admit we love to hate him.

Adam is as clear a Celtic hater than any other pundit you will get in the main stream media and how he gets a platform to spout his anti Celtic agenda is beyond me.

But the amazing thing about Adam is he has the ability to annoy his own fans and not just the Celtic supporters such is his clownish ability to say the wrong thing at the right time.

He also managed to annoy Rangers fans not too long ago when he admitted that they were a new club, but that’s by the by.

But this weekend he made a complete **se of himself after a blatant dive in his recent game for Dundee and Chris Sutton absolutely rinsed him on BBC 606 podcast. Have a listen to this:

Sutton, and to be fair so did Robbie Savage, never held back and I can’t wait to hear his explanation the next time he appears on PLZ.

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