“They are asking for trouble with this” – Baffling Celtic comments from another clueless ‘pundit’

Hampden Stadium

I always wonder about these so called ‘pundits’ that feel as though they can comment on our game and our club with impunity.

You know the ones. Gabby Agbonlahor, Alex McLeish, that Sevco ref…….ones that genuinely have no understanding of the fans feelings on subjects affecting our club, in our game.

Take Paddy Kenny for example. Not been around our game for decades yet is warning Celtic fans about the implementation of VAR.

Speaking to Football Insider, Kenny said, “They are asking for trouble with this.

“It should start at the start of next season or the start of the season after, you can’t start it halfway through a season.

“There will be decisions they get wrong in the first half of the season which could cost teams, then in the second half of the season, you get a different result.

“That could decide relegation or whoever wins the league. It’s wrong, I don’t think it’s right at all.

“It will lead to so many debates and what-ifs. It needs to come in at the start of a season.”

I, and many other Celtic fans do not care when it gets started. As long as it does.

Rangers champion themselves as bastions for referees but we all know that they are full of it because when a referee decision goes against them it’s all ‘8 page dossiers’ sent to the referees.

So they, and Kenny, can all do one.

We are fed up of refs with certain biases and leanings having a material say in how results in this country go.

Only in Scotland are refs with football lenience’s allowed to referee games their clubs are involved and anything that helps, like VAR, to put a spotlight on that is more than welcomed by the Hoops fans.


  • What a clown. Can’t bring it in mid-season? Why not? Do referees deserve a full season of cheating us before it is implemented? Fool.

  • I’m all for VAR but not if it involves the same leoole in the VAR room that have already shown their bias on the field, and thats how it looks like it could be.
    VAR requires neutrals in the VAR room….otherwise we will get the same decisions on the field, but the heat will be taken off the refs because their brothers in the VAR room agree.
    It legitimises bad decisions…and lately we’ve had refs etc prepare us for reversal decisions by Co.mentating on how old match decisions would have gone under VAR.
    The prime example is the newco /dons 2 all draw.
    Top ref said BOTH dons game would have been chopped off because of reasons VAR is not involved in.
    I think VAR is a great idea…but given the bias of our present and past refs, unworkable in Scotland unless we use foreign agents.

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