Never gets old”, “Peak banter years” – Brilliant Dave King video emerges

Ibrox Stadium

As Rangers enjoy a ‘resurgence’ this week after their weekends exploits in the Scottish Cup, their fans can now dream of European success as they prepare for their Europa League semi on Thursday.

But what they can also enjoy is this video from their clubs AGM where Dave King made all sorts of ‘debt free’ claims to the shareholders that even Jackanory could make a half decent story out of:

Now of course they will claim ‘debt free’ status but we all know that their losses to shares excuse is just garbage because it’s still debt. To their board of directors.

Because they will, eventually, will be looking for a return of all if not more, of the monies they ploughed into the club to stop ten in a row.

But hey, what do we know. Us Timmy’s have never warned of this before. Have we?

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