“Mind the gap Gollum” – Celtic fans rinse MIA Rae

Statue at Celtic Park

He’s been missing in action for weeks. Ok, he’s been working in England in his new coaching role but there been not a peep from Alex Rae ever since Celtic have pumped his beloved Rangers twice this year.

3-0 drubbing at Celtic Park? Silence.

2-1 loss at Ibrox? I was thinking about sending out a search party.

The silence from the most uneducated pundit in Scottish history, Alex ‘Hingway’ Rae was deafening .

But, as Rangers won yesterday, Alex appeared from under his rock with a tweet of celebration:

And you know what? I don’t mind that. What I do mind is the cowardice of silence when the team loses and then giving it big licks when a victory magically appears.

And these Celtic fans were quick to remind Rae of that:

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