Listen as bitter Sevco fan almost in tears about Ange’s Homecoming Tour


It’s official. They are now broken. In one fell swoop the board and Ange have ruined the 150 year celebration and the title run in for the bears as the Angeball tour really tears the heart of that clubs fanbase.

Even with the promise of £3m (or so) they went on another rage when they found out Celtic were getting £8m.

Truly playing second fiddle to the largest and most successful club in Scotland.

But what is more hilarious is this bitter fan from Northern Ireland that called The Go Radio Football Show to speak, or cry, of his disgust at the Ibrox board for sanctioning his clubs involvement as Ange’s plaything in Australia.

This really is a brilliant 5 minutes worth of bitterness:

And you know what’s even sadder, the guy went all around the houses here to make his point. CSA, being fleeced FIVE times a year for new strips by his own club, membership schemes from his club that are rank rotten until he got the undeniable fact that is the reason for the hatred of this idea.

They are playing second fiddle to a guy they all thought was going to be sacked by Christmas.

The guy that won the first available piece of silverware AND got us to the top of the league when he was being ridiculed no less than six months ago has destroyed their fanbase.

Brilliant isn’t it?


  • Do you have a life outside this writing and searching various articles on sevco and there previous players and radio comments because every radio clip or tweet or comment that you post on here go unchallenged by celtic fans on go rangers or rangers Clyde feel free to contact me personally or put up your reply here ps if you think I am Wright then share it with the forum and let me know where I can read it if you think I am wrong then delete it and still contact me privately

    • Confused as to who you are addressing here mate?

    • Hi Gerard. Just seen this comment. What exactly are you wanting me to challenge with you? Everything I post is factually correct? No one forces you to read this and whilst I appreciate you take the time to, just skip past it if you don’t want to read about them. Simple. HH

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