Blue on Blue as Everyone Anyone continues to fail. As this Sevco podcaster found out

Sectarianism will never be eradicated from Scotland. There I said it.

The notion is fanciful because the deep rooted hatred of all things Celtic and Catholic and Irish is so entrenched in theie ‘kulture’ it’s depressing.

At their most recent away tie at St Johnstone, *Rangers fans hurled into their usual diatribe about F*ck the Pope etc etc etc….. and their excuse for that was they wanted to send a message to the board about the Sydney Super Cup.

I mean on what level are the two even related?

Imagine the conversation, “Here Jock?”

Jock: “Aye Billy?”

Billy: “Wantae send a message tae the board this wur unhappy aboot thon Angeball hing?”

Jock: “Aye Billy. Whit dae ye wantae dae?”

Jock, “F**K THE POPE!”

How does that even work? Well it does. As this GersNet podcaster found out to his ill judgement of calling the singing out, at least he knows one thing.

His audience are f**king idiots!

Genuinely depressing!

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  • We mock these thickos but what about our own fans. 3-1 down against the Norwegians after 89 minutes and they’re still signing rebel songs. Pathetic. TBH it’s every game now, with the odd song about Celtic. Hopeless.

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