“We are in sack the board territory here”, “Let’s get King back!” – The Banter Years return as Angeball starts an Ibrox revolution

They really are in a rage about this.

If they weren’t already yesterday, they are even more into blowing a gasket territory now.

Now they have just realised that they are playing second fiddle and not a lead role in what is being described the Angeball World Tour, it’s not the year on year losses or the signing of two duds in the January window or even losing the lead at the top of the league that has broke them.

It is being back up to the star attraction that only months ago, they were telling themselves would be sacked by Christmas.

But top of the league and a trophy in the bag, Ange is going nowhere. Except to Australia. With *Rangers in his hand luggage.

And the meltdown is absolutely glorious:

The return of the Banter Years!

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