Sky man’s viral social media meltdown over Angeball World Tour is glorious

He’s a mock on figure on Twitter is Andrew Dickson.

The Sky journalist makes no hiding of his unrivalled bias for his beloved *Rangers.

In fact, he is second only to Kris Boyd but at least we don’t need to see his mug on TV as often.

But as the news has started to digest that his club are now playing second fiddle to the top billing of Ange, Dickson is not a happy man:

I don’t get why he is so unhappy. It’s a great promotional tour to help build a fan base outside of Larkhall for his ten year old club.

He should be thanking Celtic for giving his club the amount of publicity it already has, and undoubtedly will when the tour finally takes place.

You think they will?

Nah. Probably not.

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