“Couldn’t make it up”, “Desperate for the Celtic support to turn on Ange” – Celtic fans roast Keith Jackson’s latest column

I know headlines sometimes don’t tell the whole story. I know most are just there to draw in the reader but the trick to it is to keep the headline as close to the truth as you possibly can but still entice the reader.

It’s a relatively simple process but sometimes journalists get it all wrong.

In his headline in his latest column in The Daily Record, Keith Jackson put, “Ange Postecoglou is out of Celtic free passes but slapstick Rangers face an uncomfortable truth”

And right away you think, ‘He’s at it’. And you know what he wasn’t.

He even has the temerity to say that wee Gio is ‘running out’ of free passes. That’s right. Running out:

“In fact, Van Bronckhorst was running out of free passes himself after that 3-0 thrashing in Glasgow’s east end and he too will find that all the European scalps in the world will count for little if domestic dominance switches from one side of the Clyde to the other.”

The guys that’s presided over a nine point swing is running out of free passes compared to the other guy that’s presided over a huge rebuild, won the first piece of silverware AND took the team to the top of the league.

But Ange has run out of free passes.

Genuinely, words fail. But they didn’t fail these Celtic fans as they laid into the veteran journalist:

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