The battle on the Ibrox pitch turned into a battle off it as Sevco fans disgrace themselves. Again

What is it about his mob and wanting to square go everyone when not fighting amongst themselves?


Your team is 4-2 up and looking forward to a tie against a massive European team and one of your first thoughts is to go and fight with the away fans INSIDE your own stadium?

It’s absolutely mental.

These fans have about as much control of their violent tendencies than they do at throwing child abuse around and it’s about time they were taken to task about it.

If not fined by UEFA, at least shamed on the nationals because what will it take to stop them?

Going by the songbook being sung last night, and I hope FARE were listening in, a hell of a lot.

Pre match, the Billy Boys was being sung at full pelt and during the match so was Derrys Walls.

Why they can’t just stick to the football is beyond me. Do they have a songbook?

The TV and radio silence just makes them as complicit as the crowd and until they step up and call it out, nothing will change.

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