“You need a nurse”, “Big Ange has destroyed them” – Outstanding replies as Sevco fan ‘runs’ VAR league

There are some things you read and you do have to look at them twice just to get a grip of what they are actually talking about.

For example, a full thread on Follow Follow was dedicated to how the league table would look if games only lasted 80 minutes.

I never touched it (shame on me) because I’m sure I’d seen something like this before when Celtic were winning a Quadruple Treble so to cover it again would have been boring.

F**K that! Next time it happens I’ll be all over it like a cheap suit.

But this next one is just brilliant. This next *Rangers supporter makes an amazing claim about the league standings and how they would look if VAR was in play this season:

No, it’s true. He genuinely believes that he sat through EVERY SINGLE SPFL GAME and watched them all to come up with this rubbish.

One can only assume he missed his own teams games out because if VAR was in play they would have lost against Motherwell and Aberdeen at home, Aberdeen away, drew with Hibs twice at home and away just for starters.

This lot are really rattled and so was this guy after the Celtic fans completely rinsed him for this made up s**te:

One comment

  • Lap it up pal. They’re the klub that keep on giving😂

    In reality, these guys should be blocked from social medias and given help. It’s akin to the less sharper people you used to see on the first round of the X Factor, and get the most laughs and found on You Tube. These were also pulled as they were seen as not being fully there and were only there for viewing figures and for a country feel good about themselves.

    However, until that day comes that they’re protected for their own good, let’s just sit back and laugh out loud at their hurt & pain that comes with being a zombie😝😝


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