Scottish football fans unite to condemn latest Daily Record article

I never, ever once thought that when I opened this blog, one of the topics I would be discussing is war.

As the Russians crossed into the Ukraine border, the world is holding its breath in anticipation and hoping that:

  1. This isn’t the start of WWIII
  2. Everyone in Ukraine is safe

Not the Daily Record though. They thought it would be brilliant to run with this headline in the sports pages:

Quite the incredible take and with not a singe hint of self awareness.

I get the angle guys, but now is not the time. Now is not the time to be worried about a World Cup qualifier when people are now being killed in a war.

It’s a shocking take from a national newspaper and I fully expect it to get pulled.

And the whole of Scottish football, it seems, were quick to condemn the headline:

One comment

  • The Daily Record is not the Scottish Media it is the English Media in Scotland. It is registered as a newspaper in England.

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