Have the Daily Record deliberately lied about Sevco’s finances?

You know sometimes if you can’t get basic facts right, you should just not publish an article.

Now, many people will say that my site has made many, and of course it has but the difference between me and those at the Daily Record?

I’m just a guy who loves writing about Celtic and Celtic related stories with no journalistic qualifications.

These guys are meant to be professionals. Meant to be.

Which makes the Daily Record‘s next claim either a completely amateurish mistake, or the lamb is still succulent down the Quay.

Looking at how much the Ibrox side have earned through European participation this season, the red top everyone loves to hate said this of the latest confetti sale in Govan, “Consistent progression to the knockout stage carries big incentives, even in UEFA’s second-tier tournament and the club, who issued £4m in shares on Tuesday, have reaped considerable rewards.

Except they didn’t release £4m in shares did they?

Even I, and others, know its 4m shares worth £1m. I mean, how could they get such a basic fact so wrong?

It’s this lack of basic critical analysis that cause the dead club to, well, die.

In fact, carry on Daily Record. Brilliant work!

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