Chris Sutton is at it again as he destroys BT pundit live on air

So it’s not just *Rangers that are the target of Chris Sutton and his iron wit.

The big Englishman has a knack for dragging out the moonhowlers in the west of Scotland whenever he comments on the team from Govan but this time he has given them a break.

This time, his focus of attention was Michael Owen.

They were both discussing the procedure and protocol of dealing with head knocks after witnessing one in the Benfica v Ajax Champions League match when Sutton said:

Until IFAB step up and change the concussion protocols, they are not looking after player welfare.

“Player welfare isn’t put first within the game.

“He needs to come off the pitch to the sanctuary of the dressing room and get checked by an independent doctor.

“In the meantime, he is replaced by a temporary substitute so you are not numerically disadvantaged.

“It is common sense. Why are IFAB not stepping up?”

Owen then seemed to try and defend the lack of protocols, ““Because bumps and bangs on the head,..

And before he could finish, Sutton jumped in, “Hang on a minute, concussion is a bump and a bang. How do you know that is not a concussion?”

Owen bit back, “If you take what you say to an extreme, every time they roll around holding their leg, they have broken their leg.”

To which Sutton angrily replied, “Michael, that is the view of a caveman. Football needs to catch up”

Got to love Big Sutton. Calls it as he sees it no matter what competition he is covering.

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