The media silence as one Celtic fans simple tweet on new Sevco share issue went viral

Another month, another share issue.

As the club from Govan raise another £1m by punting another 4m pieces of confetti.

The media’s reporting on this was extremely odd with The Sun calling it a ‘cash boost’ rather than what it really is.

A desperate attempt by the Newco to keep the lights on.

August, October, November, January and now February are all months were separate share issues where run by the club but there is not one dissenting voice not only in the media, but also in their support.

It’s incredible.

If this was Celtic, every single blogger would be asking questions of the board.

So instead, I’ll leave you with this one single tweet.

A tweet that sums up the share issue in a few short lines:

The only thing that’s missing from this is at least you get some enjoyment and value for your money at Queen Street.

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