Sevco fans call on Jimmy Bell as Giakoumakis has the Sevco fans howling at the moon

After Celtic’s 3-2 in over Dundee on Sunday, the amount of rage from our friends over the Clyde has been brilliant.

As I wrote yesterday, Giakoumakis claims that he believes Celtic have the best squad and will win the league this season has sent the Ibroc hoards apoplectic with rage.

Barry Ferguson said at the time, ” I don’t mind somebody saying that if it’s kept in house I’m sure with they comments one guy strikes to mind, Callum McGregor, saying listen don’t be going out saying that in public.

It’s fine thinking that but don’t even come out and say things like that.

It wouldn’t wind me up it would make me more determined.”

Clearly wound up, it’s brilliantly refreshing to hear a players honest opinion and it seems that it has also not gone down well with the Rangers fans:

And I’ll leave the last word to this guy:

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