“It’s fine, just have another share issue”, “Embarrassment of a signing” – Follow Follows pain turns the air blue as Ramsey is injured again

Well they can’t say they weren’t warned.

They were. Plenty of times. But as usual, they get carried away on a wave of euphoria all the while calling us obsessed.

They’re mental for thinking that the Aaron Ramsey signing was going to work out for them.

Brought in to play in all the ‘big games’ so far he’s missed the Glasgow Derby, Dortmund and Dundee United and is set to miss the return leg against the Germans in the Europa League.

But at least he ‘starred’ against Annan. Every cloud and all that.

But as the news broke today that Ramsey was injured yet again, the penny is starting to drop with them that he was just a signing to deflect from the Derby annihilation.

End of.

A PR disaster that could have the same effect that Tore Andre Flo had on the Original Rangers.

And their fans are extremely unhappy:

And I’ll leave the last word to this unfortunate soul:

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