“I’d like to think the quote tweets are the minority” – Rangers Fans For Change slaughtered by their own over ‘Billy Boys’ statement

Rangers Fans For Change is a twitter handle set up to help tackle sectarianism in the Ibrox support.


It is a group of fans that actually want to rid their club and support of sectarianism.

They should be lauded for their bravery but unfortunately it seems that only Celtic fans, and a small handful of Rangers fans, welcome this movement.

The group released a statement to try and educate the Govan support on the roots of the ‘Billy Boys’ song.

Of course we all knew this anyway but any song glorifying killing Catholics at a football game should always be avoided. Why it needed explained is beyond me.

But they did and to be fair to them, they tried to educate their support:

You can only guess what sort of response this got. But I’ll start it off with a Celtic fan who summed up the responses with a fitting analogy:

And some of the replies just show you how deeply entrenched this lot are in their bigotry and hatred:

And there are plenty more, and worse, like this.

Utterly, utterly depressing.

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