“They haven’t left 1690 behind never mind 2012” – Celtic fans react to Hugh Keevins spectacular liquidation denial article

This is a strange one for me.

Nah, it’s not. This is comedy gold.

Hugh Keevins is well known around these parts for his ludicrous Celtic comments and his pro Sevco opinion pieces but his latest one just made me laugh.

In his latest piece, he calls for people to forget the Ibrox clubs dead past after securing a creditable result in the Europa League.

Except, the club that got that win is not the same team that died. However much him and his ilk try and promote that lie.

It was these two lines that made laugh, “The Big Hoose did indeed stay open in spite of the best efforts of some on the inside to have the front door locked and bolted.

Which was then followed up by this complete load of cobblers,”And now it is time to take a fresh inventory of the household goods and contents.

Time to commemorate the past but celebrate the present.

Weird because the fans that emanate from Ibrox take great pride in celebrating their sectarian past.

Time to drop the victim status and enjoy the victor’s podium.

What about the victims of their financial misgivings that saw small companies go bust as they old club walked away from their liabilities?

Time to remember that Rangers are the reigning champions of the Premiership, and will return to the top of the table, for however long, after they have beaten Dundee United at Tannadice this afternoon.

What a sickening load of drivel. How did that work out?

“Time to be more aware of where the club is at present than where it has been in the past.

Brilliant. He can’t even see the bizarre nature of this line.

“Time to think more of themselves than looking to blame people for what once happened.”

“The quickest way to make your life a misery is to have anything to say about what happened at Rangers 10 years ago”

I mean where do you even start with those last two lines?

This is Hugh asking us all to forget about the decades of cheating, side letters, debt and EBT’s that almost destroyed Scottish football.

This is Hugh asking us all to stop asking questions of the media’s denial that the club playing from Ibrox is a new one.

This is a shocking piece of succulent lamb and these Celtic fans were having none of it.

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